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'Connecting with Brynne is heart opening and life expanding. Her intuitive trust and openness enable receptivity to universal, infinite wisdom. She will help you strengthen your own connections to all that is. If you are in need of healing, Brynne's consistent warmth and acceptance help liberate even the most buried and denied emotions. Bringing them into the light. Shining a light on them. Healing and releasing. Brynne offers guidance and assurance on the path towards concious participation in the evolution of the spirit. I am forever grateful for her mentorship.'    A.


'I have had the utmost honor of working weekly with Brynne as a life coach for several years. With complete presence she allows one to feel authentically safe and welcomed, allowing the deeper work to begin sooner. Brynne's combination of empathy, compassion, patience, strength and immense insight have helped to tremendously influence my emotional, physical and spiritual life journey in so many positive ways. I feel that with her help I have moved mountains. Thank You! You are a treasure and rich blessing to my life and all those you encounter daily. '    T.

'If you are lucky enough to have Brynne Betz as your counselor- your life can’t help but get better. Compassionate and kind, intuitive and smart, Brynne is all those things and more. She embodies the very heart of the Feminine. I guarantee she will be a healing presence in your life.'   K.

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