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'Reconnect with your Inner Self, 

reconnect with your Joy.'

Meet Brynne


I have lived all over the world and have worked with people every place I've ever lived, acting as a therapist in some capacity most of my life. Trained as a psychologist with a Master's degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, I have different perspectives than many people you meet. My approach to unfolding the joy that lives within each one of us comes from a carefully cultivated relationship with the depth we all house, within. 

Presence of Magic 


All too often we forget about the presence of magic in our lives, making our every day heavier than it needs to be. But the truth is, real life magic, in all shapes and sizes, is very much alive--sometimes all we have to do is tweak our vision a bit to recognize it.

Men, Women & Adolescents


We all fall down but we don't all know the healthiest ways to pick ourselves up, that is, along the way many of us seem to have forgotten how to guide ourselves to greater, sustainable, more joyful health.

Transpersonal is that which transcends the personal. It asks the bigger questions: 'Why am I here? What is my life's purpose? What is my soul's path and what is my soul telling me?'

The transpersonal coaching that I offer is a path back to your soulful self, that place where such questions aren't just asked, but answered.

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