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About Brynne

My Story


Those who know me wonder how I've fit so many lives into just one. I've lived all over the world, been married and divorced and married again, have served in the Peace Corps, written books, had a radio gig and a newspaper column, worked in restaurants, prisons, public housing communities, even at a newspaper in a foreign country, and every place I've been, I've experienced a new piece of myself.

Living a rich life is one way I'm able to relate and connect with so many people with such diverse backgrounds and perspectives. I experience life as the expression of love, and my own life's work as doing all I can to return both myself and those around me to the love that we all are at our core.

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*All sessions are done via phone, wherever you are in the world, and last 55 minutes.

*For a free 15 minute consultation to see if we might be a good match, please reach out via email or via the form on the contact page.



Feeling lost or uninspired


Unhappy relationships

Reconnecting with your creativity

An ache for greater meaning

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