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About Brynne

My Story


Being a sensitive, I notice the little things that many people overlook. Even as a young child my senses were finely tuned. I didn’t know it then, but life was harder in many ways because of the things I saw and felt, things that most others missed. I felt alone with myself often and learned to keep many of my feelings to myself. Maybe that’s why it was more natural for me to forge my own path, a path that not everyone understood but that felt right to me.

Over the years I’ve learned how to create safe spaces both inside and outside myself, a lesson that’s helped me transform my sensitivities into gifts. I experience life as the expression of love, and my life's work as doing all that I can to return both myself and those around me to the love we all are at our core—starting with the creation of a safe space for those loving Selves to flourish.

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*All sessions are done via phone, wherever you are in the world, and last 55 minutes.

*For a free 15 minute consultation to see if we might be a good match, please reach out via email or via the form on the contact page.



Feeling lost or uninspired


Unhappy relationships

Reconnecting with your creativity

An ache for greater meaning

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