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  • Brynne Betz

Wednesday Wish (168); Create. . . a World You Want to Inhabit.

If hindsight is 20/20, what did 2020 teach you? Has it taught you to cherish what you have? Or to appreciate what you don’t? Has it reminded you how fragile life is? Or of the strength of the human spirit? How has the past year transformed your perspective of the future? Do you think the world around you will continue to transform how you live and feel? Have you discovered a new way to live that feels more authentic, more right? Or do you feel as if you’re still finding your way along this new, untrodden path, taking it day to day and doing the best that you can?

Me . . .? 2020 felt like the universe yelling at me, at us, to go inward, to step away from each other, from the noise and the rush, in favor of our deeper Selves. What was whispered before, quickly grew loud and clear. We may've forgotten to hear the secrets of the trees, of the birds, of the seas, and of our deepest Selves but now . . . now . . . we were being led to listen with a wise, strong hand. It would not force us, we could still deny such speak, but the messages would be louder than ever before with a heightened energy even fewer could ignore.

How though, many of us still ask ourselves, do we decipher this new speak, this more resonate voice, the urgent energy we can’t help but unwrap, layer by layer, the further we dig? Sure, some may still deny it. Others may choose to bury it. But for those of us who know we need to listen deeper than ever before, and to understand what we hear, that some part of our very existence depends upon such soulful listening . . . how? How do we walk upon an untrodden path with eyes that still seem unable to fully see?

Me . . .? I create. When writing is too cerebral, I find colors and pictures and feelings that soothe me, that invite me to worlds I want to inhabit, worlds that show me that beauty is the way forward.

For the feeling beauty evokes is something like Flow, guiding us toward a more soulful, wonder-full life.

* * *

If tomorrow morning you wake to a world void of love, create your own world. Of love:

If tomorrow afternoon you find you need delicate sensitivity, but again and again, it escapes you, soothe yourself with your own:

If science has lost its magic. Bring it back. Marry the two:

When it all feels too harsh, too ugly, insurmountable with the tools you have, transform what you *do* have. Into a world that gives you reason to taste a smidgen of hope:

Still there are times that you won’t know what you feel. Maybe you’re lost. Maybe you’ve forgotten how to decipher what is. Maybe your soul can’t break through the thick, unruly cloud of your brain. That's when you must create anyway, with no agenda, letting something deeper lead your way. That's when you let the colors and pictures and feelings you’re drawn to, lead you to a place you never could’ve created with your brain:

And sometimes, when you’re listening with fresh ears, you'll be lead new places. Maybe even outside to look again at the hidden flowers, reminding you that they’re everywhere. Everywhere you dare to believe:

When we honor what we feel on a deep level, we inevitably discover the tools to navigate and even surmount, anything that comes our way.

* * *

My Wednesday Wish for you?

That you remember your ability to create any world you dare to dream of, any world you wish to inhabit. Regardless of the world around you, it is available to you. But only. . . only. . . if you take the time to listen, inwardly, to honor what you feel, creatively, and to love your beautiful Self, dearly—that’s how we create new realities.

If 2020 gave us anything, what if it reminded us that this is the time to create the world of our dreams. . .? Not tomorrow. Or next week. But today. Each of us, together, walking toward that which feels good and right on a deep level, harmonic Flow—beautiful, soothing, kind, with a new, more resonate hope lighting up our path toward a future of our dreams.

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Brynne Betz
04 de fev. de 2021

Ohh, Allisha! It's always so nice to find you here! Thank you for reading and for having fun with me! What a gift you are!


02 de fev. de 2021

Love your shadow box art. A leaf fish! So cool. Sort of like leaf mice running across the road, stopping traffic.

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