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'Realign with your Inner Self, 

realign with your Joy.'

Meet Brynne


I have lived all over the world and have worked with people every place I've ever lived, acting as a therapist in some capacity most of my life. Trained as a psychologist with a Master's degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, I have made alignment with Self a priority in everything that I do. The therapy I offer is about helping you carefully cultivate a relationship with your deepest Self, reconnecting you 

with the joy and love you are at your core.

Presence of Magic 


All too often we forget about the presence of magic in the every day, making our lives heavier than they need to be. But the truth is, real life magic is very much alive--sometimes all we have to do is tweak our vision a bit to recognize it.

Men, Women & Adolescents


We all fall down but we don't all know the healthiest ways to pick ourselves up, that is, along the way many of us seem to have forgotten how to realign with a life of our dreams.

Transpersonal is that which transcends the person. It asks the bigger questions: 'Why am I here? What is my life's purpose? What is my soul's path and what is my soul telling me?'

The transpersonal coaching that I offer is a space for realignment 

with your soulful self, that self that feels downright sacred. Here, the big questions aren't just asked, but answered, and not by someone else-- by you.

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